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  4. Facing lathe 1A693, 1983

Facing lathe 1A693, 1983

Facing lathe 1A693, 1983-ies years
Max.workpiece dia: 2300 mm.
Diameter over plate:2300 mm.
Diameter over gap: 3200 mm.
Max. processing length in centers: 3200 mm.
Height of the centers over the plate: 1150 mm.
Fcaplate dia: 2500 mm.
Workpiece weight: 16 t.
Dimensions LxWxH: 6400 x 5700x2670 mm.
Weight of the machine with electrical equipment: 39160 kg.

Condition: very nice, from the plant storage, has no ware out, needs srat up works, revision of mechanical and electrical parts.
Operating time: 3000 moto hours
Price: 72 000 USD FCA Ukraine (negotiable)